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Create Your Colorful Fall Story — OLD BRAND NEW

Create Your Colorful Fall Story — OLD BRAND NEW

For this living room, I wanted the dominant colors to have a mix of warm colors like red and rust, so I painted the walls a deep red color (Farrow & Ball Eating Room Red) and placed a russ sectional against it. When you walk into this room, you’re greeted by this bold impact. Then I introduced cool accent tones by painting the ceiling a teal color for an unexpected contrast, and a neutral graphic green rug to keep it modern. 

You can also start small by introducing this green abstract artwork and teal ceramic vase. And to finish the room, sprinkle in some black accents to ground the space. I used this black round coffee table and black table lamp. I hung a burgundy necklace I found from in Bangkok to give it some personality. 

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