Oh hey! It's me, Dab! — OLD BRAND NEW - David Watkins Designs
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Oh hey! It’s me, Dab! — OLD BRAND NEW

Oh hey! It’s me, Dab! — OLD BRAND NEW

As someone who struggled with stringing along sentences and failed many English exams, I never thought in a million years I would write a book. English was my second language. Even though I was born in the states, my family are first generation immigrants, so I didn’t learn English until I went to kindergarten. I even had an English tutor my freshman year at UC Santa Cruz. I remember for my Asian Art History class, instead of writing a 10-page paper, I decided to paint a 22×30 landscape to show what I learned. It was a beautiful piece and I got a B! I like to think that my professor framed it haha.

After college and a string of random jobs, I turned to blogging in 2010. Writing about what I love was way easier but it still requires a lot of brain power. I love sharing and inspiring other people who might be on a similar journey as me to find their creative path, to start decorating, and find their own light (and color confidence).

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